Fast Image Resizer 0.98

Software that helps users resize images in batches for faster processing

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP

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Fast Image Resizer 0.98
Fast Image Resizer 2014

Fast Image Resizer is a simple tool that lets you resize images in just a few seconds. With this software, you won't have to open the files in an image editor first. All you have to do is to select the images you want to work with and apply your chosen settings. It can even work with multiple image files at once. This makes it perfect when you want to resize several large photos to send them by email or upload them to a website.

The program is very easy to work with, even if you don't have too much experience with image editing tools. Fast Image Resizer lets you select between several preset resolution settings and apply the changes instantly. When resizing JPEG files, you can also set the overall image quality and compression percentage. To help you better organize your images, it gives you the choice between saving the newly resized files to the same folder or a subfolder.

You can select the images to be resized from Windows Explorer and use the "send to" option to automatically open the program or simply drag them to its open window. Fast Image Resizer has a setting allowing you to preserve the original EXIF data, which can be quite useful when you're working with photos.

Overall, this image resizing tool works very well and processes images fast. The program itself is very small at just under 500 KB in size. Another big plus is that unlike many other free tools in its category, it doesn't display ads when you use it, nor does it try to get you to buy additional software from the developer.

This tool was designed with simplicity in mind, so its interface is quite basic and not too refined. It also lacks some advanced features found in competing programs, such as the ability to see an image preview or edit colors. But if you just want a quick way to change the size of your image files, you're likely to be satisfied with what it has to offer.


  • Makes resizing multiple images at once simple.
  • Integrates with Windows explorer.
  • Very small program with no ads or other distractions.
  • Stable and fast, even when processing many images at the same time.


  • User interface a bit lacking in aesthetics.
  • Doesn't offer other image manipulation optiosn besides resizing.

Fast Image Resizer makes quick work of resizing images stored on your computer. While changing the size of those files won't necessarily free up extra space on your hard drive or make your computer run faster, reducing the size of your image files will make certain tasks online a little easier. For example, many websites today will only let you upload files that do not exceed a specific file size. If you want to create your own avatars or share photos with family and friends, you need a quick way to resize your large image files.

New computers often come with photo editing software, but those programs are only short demos. After you use the program once or twice, it stops working! Then the developers require payment of $20 or more just to edit and resize your pictures. Even if you have a full working version of one of those programs, you'll find that you need to open each individual file, go through the editing program, make your changes and then save copies of each image. Fast Easy Resizer speeds you through those steps faster than ever.

As soon as you open a new image in the program, it will ask you to select the new resolution size that you want. To make things even easier, the program lets you drag and drop those images. After you open your image, select the resolution size that you want, click and hold, and drag the image into the program. The program will make the necessary changes and give you the option of saving the image. If you need to keep a copy of the original, the program will let you do that and save a copy of your edited version.

Fast Image Resizer gives you a wide range of convenient options. Click on the Options button in the program to bring up those choices in a new window. You can choose the JPEG quality, select the resize quality and decide whether you want to copy the EXIF data or add new data to the image. You can even decide if you want to keep the new image in the same directory as the original or create a new subdirectory for those edited images.

While the program doesn't let you remove red eye, adjust contrast or make other changes to your photos like other editing software, it does let you quickly change the size of one or more images without wasting your valuable time. Fast Image Resizer allows you to quickly create larger or smaller images for your personal blog, professional website or favorite forum.


  • Fast and easy enough for most users.
  • Lets you drag and drop images into the program for resizing.
  • Gives you the option of keeping a copy of the original image.


  • Some of the options are a little too advanced for new users.
  • Doesn't let you edit anything other than the size of the images.
  • May change the quality of the final image.

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